(The World’s Most Effective EMF Control Device)

The Biophosonic Coil is a new and much better approach in the elimination of the harmful effects of man-made Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) that are now extant throughout our entire environment. By making optimal use of both the 432 Hertz frequency, in combination with the natural resonant signatures of a select grouping of crystals and rare earth minerals placed under considerable amounts of pressure, we have succeeded in completely eliminating the debilitating effects of man-made frequency pollution in your environment.

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Included also in the mineral mix is a material with clearly identified life-enhancing properties that we will simply refer to as “Power Rock” to protect the proprietary nature of the substance. It contains all 72 minerals required for plant and animal health and vitality. In addition to that, it also displays paramagnetic properties unique only unto itself. But it is NOT magnetite or any other form of ferrous material that we are aware of.


• Better quality and quantity of sleep – deeper and sounder
• Increase in number and intensity of dreams (vital for replenishing of energy)
• Improved mental performance
• Detoxifying effect
• Protection against harmful EM Frequencies

The Biophosonic Coil is revolutionary in that it incorporates both the 432 Hertz electromagnetic frequency with the aforementioned crystal/mineral frequencies to create what is known as a “chopper” frequency. This chopper frequency successfully reorders the chaos enveloping the harmful EMF’s, such as microwaves from Smart Meters and WiFi. Because the device does not directly interfere with the Electromagnetic waves themselves, cell phones and other modern conveniences operate without disruption. The harmful effects of the chaos surrounding the electromagnetic waves are, however, completely neutralized so you can relax in knowing that you and your loved ones are being protected. The ensuing balancing of natural frequencies in the immediate environment permit for the re-establishment of normal (healthy) cellular function.


The entire spectrum of electro-magnetic energies (Radio waves, Microwaves, Infrared, Visible light, Ultraviolet light, X-rays and Gamma radiation) are all made up of Hertzian waves of differing amplitudes (the height of the waves), and frequencies (the number of complete cycles of the waves passing a fixed point in one second).

As some types of these waves (such as microwaves) travel through the fabric of space and time, they invariably create a chaotic condition in the space immediately surrounding the Herztian wave itself, similar to when a bullet penetrates a block of ballistics gel which in turn causes the entire block of gel to vibrate. It is this surrounding chaos, not the wave form itself, that interferes with the healthy functioning of the plant and animal cell by disrupting the cell’s natural vibratory frequencies which in turn leads to the cell breaking down and in many cases, even dying.

DNA is the building block of all life. If you take a close look at its actual structure (on the left below) you can see that it is shaped like a spiral staircase (on the right).

Besides carrying the genetic code of life, DNA also acts as a receiver for all kinds of frequencies normally present in our natural environment. Since the advent of modern frequency technology, our DNA has increasingly come under continuous assault as it is now subjected to the plethora of harmful man-made frequencies now extant in our modern world.

In addition to conveying genetic information, the DNA also receives, stores and conveys those natural ambient frequencies that all life on earth resonates with and relies upon to sustain itself. In today’s world we are invariably being exposed to harmful man-made frequencies 24 hours a day, with little if any respite from the insult. 

Being a receiver, the DNA will begin to resonate with any frequency that it comes in contact with, be it beneficial or harmful. If it is a well-balanced natural frequency, the cell will become stronger and more able to sustain itself. But if the frequency is counter to the healthy functioning of the cell’s DNA, the cell will begin to break down and may eventually die in a similar way to how a crystal glass can be shattered using sound alone.

Healthy Natural Frequencies

The external pressure being exerted on the crystal/mineral composite gives rise to a natural phenomenon known as piezoelectricity in much the same way that a piece of quartz crystal will generate electricity when squeezed in your hand.

When the harmonics of 432 Hz. come into play, the DNA spirals are likewise harmonized and healed, according to recent “music therapy” research.

Based on the above mentioned research, we at Crystal Blue Enterprises have now fully incorporated the 432 Hertz frequency into our already proven line of water-enhancing and frequency-based technologies with the expectation of more than doubling the astonishing effects we have so far produced.

Our preliminary research is showing that by making the best use of the 432 Hertz frequency, along with our already well established modalities of science-based frequency transfer, we are now able to bring the science of harmful EMF protective devices to a level never seen before.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
– Nikola Tesla…the technological “father” of our modern world today.